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Company Profile


Arab Security is a specialized company in the field of security & Forensic systems and solutions.

The company was founded in 1987, thanks to our experience in the security & Forensic field and our representation of international companies in Saudi Arabia for more than 25 years, we became the best choice for the security & Forensic companies in all their types and sectors. Our aim is to provide integrated solutions with latest existing technologies within specified timeframe.

We stand out for our teamwork spirit and the professional technical staff. Our staff has the ethics and responsibility in respecting privacy of each client.

The company has taken a headquarter in Riyadh, in addition to many branches in several areas in Saudi Arabia, also we have a huge staff of engineers and technicians ready to provide the technical support 24/7 in addition to After -sales support .
The reason of our power and reliability in project management is the ability to provide the project requirements with all necessary logistic and technical support.

Company's activities include the following:

  1. Forensic Systems : is about providing Turn Key solutions in Field of (fingerprints, Questioned Documents detect forgery and counterfeiting , criminal photography labs, criminal laboratory management system , Ballistics & Tools Marks examinttin , Crime Scene , computer crimes and digital Forensic Lab , voices comparison, images comparison, accessories of chemical Laboratories , forensic medicine , heredi Tioxology , drugs & Explosive analyzing , surveillance cameras process systems , virtual training systems , mobile laboratories , providing qualified staff to complete the operation and maintenance contracts for criminal factories , providing practical training courses and workshops in all specializations of forensic work and through specialists in all areas inside and outside Saudi Arabia.
  2. Security systems :
    • Screening systems For Bags through X-rays
    • Walkthrough Metal Detector.
    • Screening cars and containers systems through X-rays.
    • Body Scan.
    • Training Aid.
    • Bombs & drugs detection systems.
    • Explosive ordnance disposal systems EOD.
    • Digital and thermal surveillance cameras systems.
    • Access control systems.
    • Integrated solutions for security gates.
    • Integrated solutions for security fences.
    • Remote monitoring systems.
    • Fire detection systems.
    • Different inspection systems for customs sector and airports.
    • Cars for private missions.
    • Live Shooting Range and simulator.
    • Security consulting for infrastructure projects.
  3. Military equipment and accessories :
    • Bullet-proof vests for civil and military clothes.
    • Anti-riot equipment.
    • Traffic equipment's.
    • Weapons accessories.
    • Day and night vision devices.
    • Accessories for Fast intervention units and Special Forces.
    • Armored cars and bullet-proof guard rooms.
    • VIP protection.
    • Safety Systems.

In the field of forensic and security there is one mission which is protect lives and properties and detect criminals by using latest technologies .
We are fully aware for the importance and sensitivity of our work and products, which requires us to work hardly and efficient through supplying products and providing services and merge latest technologies to serve the security work.
We are always working to serve our customers and support their national missions to provide security and safety.
25 years of experience in the Saudi Arabia with the most security sectors gives us confidence to do more to maintain our position and provide professional technical staff only concern is to satisfy customer and provide maximum security and protection.

We are working to support using latest technologies to protect lives and ensure security and safety, we are in constant research for partners supporting our aspirations and could be reflected in their products and practical solutions to help in the fight against terrorism and detect crime before it happens.
We also believe that new technologies cannot be utilized without the support of the human operator; and so we are commitment to provide the highest levels of training and qualifications for the human staff to run and take advantage of these technologies.