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Forgery Detection Courses

Major General AlYahya receives officials from Regula and Arab Security  on the sidelines of the Forgery Detection Courses


Maj. Gen. Sulaiman bin Abdulaziz AlYahya,  the Passports Director General received the  International Sales Manager Mr. / Nikita Kolesnev and Software  Technical  Director of the software Mr. / Andrey LLyin  of Regula company  accompanied by Engineer / Yasser Kusibati with security systems manager at the Arabs Security  company on the sidelines of the special training course on forgeries detection devices held in Riyadh for  the personnel of General Directorate of Passports at the international and  regional airports as well as the affiliated areas under the supervision of the Anti-Fraud Directorate  represented by Colonel Yassin Altaiwaan during the  period from 21/07/1436 and up to 25/05/1436.


General Alyahia was briefed on the latest technologies to detect forgery that include mobile quick detection systems, electronic and automatic passports readers, the latest smart applications in this effect. He also inspected the approved databases of world passports and mechanism of updating them by Saudi Passports Directorate personnel to support passports staff in the border areas and ports to identify the latest security features in passports and any security information developed for these passports.